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Our Tasty Menu

Our Tasty Menu admin October 12, 2021

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1/4 Gallo, Pap & Sauce

Wash down your ¼ scrumptious chicken dish with the enhanced flavor of our signature pap. Dip it in our signature Gallo mayo for some extra tasty goodness.

R 47.90
Gallo Burger Combo

Make your chicken burger meal even better by pairing it with luxurious chips or wedges that match salty goodness with this tasty chicken, enhanced by our Gallo mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Wash it down with a tasty, bubbly beverage.

R 60.00
8BBQ Wings + MedChips

Gooey and delightful, indulge your senses with 8 BBQ sauce-covered winglets. Top off the flavors with medium chips for a filling lunch experience.

R 85.90
Crumbed Gallo B.Combo

This delicious breaded chicken burger featuring Gallo mayo matches perfectly with fresh chips and a drink. Satisfy your cravings with this awesome lunch ensemble.

R 65.00
Beef Burger Combo

Nothing is as classic as the beloved beef burger brimming with flavor from delicious BBQ sauce, paired with a drink and a fresh set of crispy chips or tasty wedges. Bite into goodness with this idyllic lunch choice

R 79.90
6 Strips, Dip, Chips

Dip your 6 chicken strips into the savory Gallo mayo to take chicken to a whole new level with these coated, crispy morsels. Pair it with chips or wedges to truly perfect the experience.

R 55.00
1/4 Gallo Combo

Looking for a filling chicken meal to make the most of your lunchtime? Check out this ¼ chicken combo that pairs delicious Tasty Gallo spices and our signature Gallo mayo with delicious chips and a drink.

R 62.90
Gallo Burrito Combo

This delicious breaded chicken burger featuring Gallo mayo matches perfectly with fresh chips and a drink. Satisfy your cravings with this awesome lunch ensemble.

R 47.00
Gallo Shawarma Combo

Our chicken shawarma is famous for the tasty spice blend, tomato, cucumber, and Gallo mayo that enhances the meat’s natural deliciousness. Make it a combo with a drink and side dish of perfectly cooked chips or wedges.

R 75.00
1/2 Gallo Combo

Embrace the fried goodness of the ½ Gallo combo – featuring a full half chicken spiced to perfection and topping it all off with our classic Gallo mayo with golden-brown chips or wedges and a fizzy drink.

R 90,00
Gallo 1 (Piece)

Enjoy the awesome taste of a single piece of deep fried crumbed-chicken with a spice of your choice.

R 20
Gallo 2 + mini chips

Treat yourself to Gallo 2 + mini chips of delicious deep fried crumbed-chicken. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Available in the spice of your choice .

R 30
1/2 Gallo & Dip

Looking for something to really fill you up? Check out this ½ chicken meal with flavorful meat and perfectly paired Gallo mayo sauce.

R 70,00
Gallo 24
Gallo 12 (12 Pieces)

Treat yourself to 12 pieces of delicious deep fried crumbed-chicken. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Available in the spice of your choice .

R 169
1/4 Gallo & Dip

Discover the glory of our exclusive spice blend with this ¼ chicken dish. Try it out with our Gallo mayo dipping sauce to find your perfect flavor match.

R 35,00
Gallo 3 (Pieces)

Treat yourself to Gallo 3 (Pieces) of delicious deep fried crumbed-chicken. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Available in the spice of your choice .

R 45
Full Gallo & Dip

Get the most out of your chicken experience with our full chicken and Gallo mayo dip sensation. Featuring our exclusive spice blend, your taste buds will delight.

R 129,00
Gallo 24 (24 Pieces)

Entertain your family by treating them to 24 deep fried crumbed-chicken pieces. Fall in love with just a single bite of the outer crust and soft, juicy chicken. Available in the spice of your choice .

R 299
6 Crunchy Wings

Relish our all new scrumptious deep fried winglets in a spice of your choice.

R 49
12 Crunchy Wings

Double the delight with our incredibly yummy crunchy winglets. 12 deep fried crunchy winglets to satisfy your taste buds. Available in the spice of your choice .

R 85
Double Gallo Snack

The only thing better than tasty chicken is even more tasty chicken. Indulge your senses with a double serving of this delicious deep-fried crispy chicken fillet.

R 35,00
Gallo Snack

Looking for something snack-sized that packs full flavor? Reach for this tasty deep-fried crispy chicken fillet snack to satisfy your cravings.

R 20,00
Toasted Gallo Mayo

Balancing the crunchy outside with the smooth and flavorful inside, this toasted chicken dish makes for the perfect light meal.

R 25,00
3 Strips, Dip, Mini, Chips

Crispy, coated with bread crumbs, fried, and delicious, this snack-sized chicken strip combo paired with smooth Gallo mayo dip and fried chips is sure to hit the spot.

R 25,00
6 BBQ Wings

Indulge in deliciousness with these sauce-covered chicken delights, cooked to perfection. It’s sure to satisfy your salty and sweet cravings.

R 45
Gallo Burger

Delicious and dripping with salty flavor goodness, this fried chicken burger featuring lettuce, tomato, and Gallo mayo is the best of innovative flavor and classic choices.

R 29,90
Double Gallo Burger

Make your taste buds sing with double the Gallo mayo and double the fried chicken fillet goodness matched with lettuce and tomato and sandwiched between a soft bread bun. Take your lunch to new levels.

R 45,00
Beef Burger (add cheese) For 5.90

Perhaps no meal is so classic as the all-time favorite beef burger. Check out our tasty twist on this delicious burger delight featuring lettuce, tomato, and BBQ sauce.

R 55
Crumbed Gallo Burger

Get the perfect balance of crunchy breading and tender chicken with this crumb-coated burger featuring tomato, lettuce, and our iconic Gallo mayo. Satisfy your cravings with taste sensation.

R 35,00
Gallo Cheese Jalapeno Burger

With just the right balance of spicy and salty, this cheesy, fried chicken fillet burger sings with the smoky flavors of jalapeno pepper, the crunch of lettuce, and tang of tomato.

R 47
Double Gallo Cheese Jalapeno Burger

For an extra kick of spicy goodness, check out the double-decker cheesy Gallo burger. Enhance your taste buds with double the spicy chicken goodness, crisp lettuce, and ripe tomato.

R 65,00
Gallo BBQ Sub
Indulge in the delicious Gallo BBQ Sub, filled with tender 100g pulled-off cuts drenched in delicious BBQ sauce. Customize the spices to your liking, and enjoy the perfect combination of flavors with diced red onions, fresh lettuce, and mayo.
R 35,00
Crumbed Gallo Sub (Spicy)
Looking for a sub with a spicy punch? Take a bite into the Tasty Sub, crafted with a crispy 100g fillet crumbed to perfection and spiced with a fiery kick to suit your taste buds. Topped with five tangy pickles, fresh torn lettuce, and a double layer of mayo, this Sub is a symphony of flavours.
R 42,00
Tasty Beef Sub
Unleash an explosion of taste with the Tasty Beef Sub! The Tasty Beef Sub features a juicy 150g beef patty basted in BBQ sauce and spiced to your liking, topped with three full slices of fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, and mayo on both sides.
R 55,00
Gallo Sub
The Gallo Sub is bursting with flavours of a juicy 100g chicken fillet dripping in our Tasty Sauce and spiced to your choice. This Sub is a delicious feast for your taste buds, topped with crispy red onion rings, fresh torn lettuce, and mayo on both sides.
R 37,00
Crumbed Gallo Sub (Original)
The Crumbed Gallo Sub is packed with a crispy 100g crumbed fillet spiced to your liking. The five tangy pickles, fresh torn lettuce, and layered with mayo perfectly balance irresistible flavours and textures in every bite.
R 42,00
Garden Salad

Looking for a healthy meal? Try out this fresh garden salad, teeming with leafy greens and healthy, colorful veggies.

R 27.00
Large Gallo Salad

Looking for a salad that balances the chicken protein with the healthy benefits of garden veggies? Check out this full-sized Gallo salad with double the chicken for a flavorful delight.

R 60,90
Small Gallo Salad (1)
Small Gallo Salad

Want a crunchy delight full of tasty veggies and flavorful chicken? Try out this Gallo salad with a full chicken fillet and discover a taste sensation.

R 35.90
Gallo Family 4

2 Gallo Burgers, Half Gallo, Medium Chips

R 149.00
Gallo Family 6

2 Gallo Burgers, 1 Full Gallo, Large Chips, Garden Salad

R 249.00
The Gallo Deal

4 Buns, Full Gallo & Large Chips

R 159.90
Gallo Burrito

A soft tortilla packed with your favorite fillings, Tasty Gallo’s burritos are bursting bundles of deliciousness. From onions, cheese, peppers, to Gallo’s unique spice blend and special mayo, these succulent creations are the ultimate flavor bomb.

R 47,00
Untitled-2-25 (1)
Rump Burrito

Divine beef rolled in a soft tortilla with fillings of onions, cheese, peppers, and covered in our delicious Gallo mayo is the perfect blend to snap your taste buds out of their funk.

R 55,90
Kiddies Gallo Meal

Mini gallo burger, Mini chips, Kiddies juice and a toy

R 44.90
Kiddies Beef Meal

Mini beef burger, Mini chips, Kiddies juice and a toy

R 49.90
Gallo Shawarma

Want the perfect blend of modern and traditional? Try out our delicious chicken shawarma pita featuring tomatoes, cucumbers, and Gallo mayo inside a pita. Explore the balance of salty and tangy tastes.

R 47.90
Rump Shawarma

Full of thick-cut meat and tasty spices, this shawarma dish brimming with Gallo mayo will really hit the spot. Bite into the luxurious pita and let your palette soar to new heights.

R 60,00
Pap & Sauce

Embrace the wonders of the classic dish – crafted to perfection. This tomato, onion salsa sauce tops off your meal with awesome flavors that enhance your perfect lunch.

R 19.90
Water Sparkling
R 12,90
Coke Can
R 15,90
Coke Light Can
R 15,90
Fanta Orange Can
R 15,90
Fanta Pineapple Can
R 15,90
R 20,90
Untitled-2-34 (1)
Water Still
R 12,90
Kiddies Cappy Juice
R 10.00
Coke Zero Can
R 15,90
Sprite Can
R 15,90
Cappy Juice
R 16,90
R 5,50
Cheesy Chips & Jal
R 29.90
Medium Chips
R 32.00
Small Chips
R 22.00
R 25,00
Large Chips
R 42.00